Food Grade Plastic Buckets with Lids

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We offer a wide range of premium food grade buckets and custom packing options to suit your companies needs.

We have everything from 200ml dip tubs, to 20L pails.

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Best IML in mould labelling plastic buckets pails and tubs

We are manufacturers of the best quality and affordable plastic buckets pails and tubs and they are all Australian made. At Lynn Pack, a family owned and operated business, we manufacture durable and strong plastic buckets and tubs with lids which includes tough food grade buckets and food pails and tubs. These plastic buckets can be used for yoghurt, honey, dips and antipasto, cheese, jams, olives and all sorts of food products.

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The plastic buckets that we manufacture are suited to all sorts of transportation and storage applications. Since they are food gradable, these plastic buckets can be used for supermarkets and food service. These plastic buckets come in a variety of sizes and this packaging is completely recyclable. These plastic buckets are lightweight and reliable solutions to all storage and transport requirements.

Our plastic containers can be used for a multitude of industrial environments. This includes warehouse plastic buckets, hospital plastic buckets, storeroom plastic buckets, laboratory plastic buckets, workshop plastic buckets and for various other uses. As said, these are food gradable and they can be used in the food and hospital industries. They can be used in almost all environments and can be used to greatly improve workplace safety and productivity.

Plastic Buckets pails and tubs

When choosing a plastic bucket for your work environment, you should consider the bulk capacity that is required. You can choose among our food grade plastic containers from 200ml dip tubs, 210ml, 280ml, 365ml, 500ml, 500g, 750ml, 1kg, 2kg, 2L, 4kg, 4L, 5kg, 5L, 10L, 10kg, 15L and 20L. We also offer the best in labelling – in mould labels IML. All our buckets, pails and plastic tubs are tamper evident. These are some of the important things that you should keep in mind when selecting our plastic food packaging range.

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Our plastic pails are equipped with tamper evident safety features that boost end customer confidence. Our plastic buckets are manufactured with food-safe polypropylene and some come with handles. Our plastic buckets are available in a whole range of colours.  We offer in mould IML labelling.

The buckets pails and tubs are food grade and can be used in supermarkets as well as in food service.  These food grade pails can also be used in cool rooms, storerooms, refrigerators and freezers.

If you are looking out for plastic buckets that is food grade with in mould labelling IML at a very affordable price and the best service, then you should only use Lynn Pack. Call us for more information on 0426 110 671.


They have all types of food storage plastic containers and boxes.  It has all exactly what I need for my all food storage needs.

I love this store and I’m so happy I found it. There’re literally containers for everything (Yoghurt, Honey & Cheese) you can think of, food and beverage wise. The prices are way better than any other online shop.

Air tight, leak-proof, lightweight, easy to wash, stackable. Keep the food last longer. Easy to store, easy to use, easy to see what is inside it.