The Perfect Ice Cream Tub Container in Melbourne

We at Lynnpack have a huge range of ice cream tub containers in various shapes and sizes. We provide innovative packaging solutions across Australia for the food industry and you can count on us for high-quality plastic ice cream tubs with lids. Whether you need it for a shop, retail, cafe , or any commercial sector, we can cater to your needs.

Our ice cream tubs are affordable and fully compliant with Australian standards. The tub containers can be stored in a freezer and are sturdy.

Ice Cream Containers with Lids in Melbourne are increasing in demand due to their safe packing substrates. These tubs act as a substitute for ordinary plastic containers. The tubs have leak-proof lids and are durable, stain-resistant and cost-effective. The containers tapered sides make visibility and scooping simple.

Why Choose Us?

At Lynnpack, we have never let down our commitment to service and quality products. Keeping in mind the preferences of our clients, we offer bespoke packaging services. You can get our Plastic Ice Cream Tubs With Lids in premium quality at a competitive price. Our excellent customer service is much appreciated in Melbourne. We work around the clock to deliver the products on time.

Visit our Melbourne store to collect our sturdy ice cream tubs. Want more information about our products? Please get in touch with our team today for the best deals.