When it comes to plastic injection moulding, it is a manufacturing process that produces parts in large volumes. The business is plastic injection moulding and is based in Melbourne and can be customised to suit your needs.  We offer new project assistance and can provide a 2D drawing, 3D model as well as design and implementation assistance for NPD.

With manufacturing inn China now not what it was in the past, we are a local Australian based manufacturer which is a good alternative to overseas import options. 

We are backed by 40 years of combined injection moulding experience.  Our team has experience supplying the largest of business as well as small start up businesses.  We manufacture in Melbourne and can transport plastic buckets and plastic tubs to any Australian state.

We at LynnPack, make all our buckets and tubs with tamper evident tubs, which provide a degree of certainty that the product on the shelf is safe and reliable.  

Our manufacturing process involves IML robots, which apply labelling to product which can save time, labour and cost over traditional stick on labels.

As responsible injection moulders, we encourage the reuse and recycling of plastic buckets pails and tubs so that the environmental impact of plastic is minimised.  Our plastic is 100% recyclable and can be put into kerb side bins to enable local recycling.  

Now that you know all about our injection moulding capabilities, we know you will have further questions that you would like answered. For enquiries and purchases or any other information, please reach out to us at 0426 110 671.